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Exhibits at Nordstrom February 2019

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to exhibit from time to time at Nordstrom in the Rideau Centre. Marie-Eve Fuki Coupal and Wendy Juka Batson set up arrangements on Friday, February 1 and displayed them for several days in a very visible, open area. The exhibits were very well received and we plan to do more in the future. If you would like to take part, please contact Marie-Eve.

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Introductory Ikebana Workshop Saturday, October 20

An Introductory Ikebana workshop by the Ohara School of Ikebana will be held on Saturday, October 20 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy Street, Ottawa. Second Term Master Marie-Eve Fuki Coupal will instruct. For more information consult her at Laurence_place@hotmail.com  Don’t miss this opportunity! Get your ticket now ($25) at Eventbrite

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“Discover Ikebana” Exhibition a Great Success

His Excellency Ambassador Ishikane opened the “Discover Ikebana” Exhibition at the Embassy of Japan on Saturday, October 13. Ambassador Ishikane and Mrs. Ishikane enjoyed the exhibition with the guidance of Exhibition Chair Marie-Eve Fuki Coupal and exhibitors including Sub-Grand Master Mitsugi Shinran Kikuchi. Nearly 600 guests attended and for the first time were able to try out ikebana at a “discovery table.” The exhibits were stunning, with three large driftwood arrangements prominent on the stage, backed with sumptuous gold screens. A gallery of exhibits will be forthcoming.

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Our annual exhibition will be held this year at the Japanese Embassy on October 13 & 14, 2018.

Our Exhibition “Discover Ikebana” is coming up fast! The inspiration for this title is the desire of the Exhibition Chair and board members to introduce ikebana as an art and a practice to visitors. Visitors will be introduced to the process of making an arrangement with the hope that some may follow up with the introductory workshop or classes with a teacher. An introductory workshop will be held at the McNabb Centre the following Saturday, October 20, at 2:30. 


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Gananoque Exhibition September 9 – Intriguing!

As usual Cliff Byrnes and his students, with exhibitors from the Ottawa Chapter, put on a very attractive and imaginative exhibition at the Carveth Care Centre in Gananoque. With most exhibitors taking advantage of seasonal wild and garden flowers and foliage and even herbs and vegetables, visitors were intrigued with the variety of arrangements and the art of the exhibitors.

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Gananoque Workshop June 9, 2018

An inspiring, original, and really enjoyable workshop was held at Christ Church Hall, Gananoque, on Saturday, June 9, 2018 with Cliff Shinju Byrnes instructing. Hosted by Cliff and his students, Sandra Olney gave a brief introduction on the Zen of ikebana based on her own practice and the classic book, Zen in the Art of Flower Arrangement by Gustie Herrigal. She emphasized that because you and I as well as branches and flowers are the essence of existence, and not separate from the rest of the universe, in doing ikebana we try to do things that increase our awareness of being ‘one with’ the ‘doing’ and the flowers. We were encouraged to ‘lose ourselves.’

2018 GanWorkshop Cliff

Cliff making adjustments

In the first workshop students worked on a Free Style form roughly based on Rising Form or Inclining Form using their favourite vase, and placed emphasis on the vase and the sculptural quality of the plant material. Cliff provided a vast array of over 30 very interesting materials to choose from.

2018 GanWorkshop Saskia

Free Style

For the second workshop students created a One Row arrangement using three vases that they brought. They used peonies as the main flower material for this workshop. Results were stunning, and working in three containers was challenging and provided an excellent learning opportunity.

2018 GanWorkshop OneRowCliff

One Row in Three Containers