Ohara School of Ikebana Ottawa Chapter

A membership organization offering classes, demonstrations, workshops and information resources

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Interested in becoming an Associate Member of the Ohara School of Ikebana, Ottawa Chapter?

The School has added the category of Associate Membership, with the approval of our Headquarters in Japan. Previously membership was open only to Ohara teachers, students, and former students of the Ohara School. Associate membership in the Ottawa Chapter is now open to anyone in the community who has an interest in the Ohara School of Ikebana. Associate Members will receive newsletters and other communications and may attend Chapter activities and events, based on space availability. Associate Members may purchase some books and supplies through the Chapter. Associate Members are non-voting members and may not submit arrangements in formal exhibitions of the Ohara School though of course can attend and take part. Associate membership costs will remain at the same level as for regular members. To become a member please contact the Membership Chair, Michelle Barron at michibarron.oharaikebana@gmail.com

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Visit the Exhibition at the Japanese Embassy!

One-Row Form by Penny Stewart

Following is the site of the website of “Exhibition of Ohara School of Ikebana, Ottawa Chapter” where you will find Greetings from the Ambassador, Greetings from our President, Wendy Juka Batson, information about the Ohara School and the Ottawa Chapter as well as links to several videos. The first video is a guided tour of the Exhibition arrangements presented by Michelle Barron. In the second video Derek Jusen Kitchen presents “7 ikebana arrangements of the Ohara School” which is a great teaching video. There are several other videos including demonstrations by Hiroki Ohara, Headmaster of the Ohara School.

This is the main exhibition site:


The Video of Tour of Exhibition of Ohara School of Ikebana, Ottawa Chapter is at:


“7 ikebana arrangements of the Ohara School” by Derek Jusen Kitchen is at:


Check Facebook for “Embassy of Japan in Ottawa” where our Exhibition Chair, Liz Armstrong, has prepared for the Embassy excellent pictures of arrangements and superb explanations. These appear every few days during the exhibition so you might want to “follow” the Embassy. The site is:


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See Drift Away Exhibition Gallery

You will recall that the Embassy of Japan hosted a virtual exhibition ‘Drift Away’ that featured arrangements constructed outside and displayed on September 26, 2020 in three Ottawa locations and one Gananoque location. The Embassy constructed a virtual exhibition and ‘tours’ were conducted and subsequently available to view. These images have been placed in a gallery in the menu called Drift Away Exhibition – 2020. In addition to the lawn arrangements, members submitted other arrangements which were included in the Exhibition and are shown here also. The Embassy also featured many summitted arrangements on their Facebook page and these also are included in the Gallery.

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See Drift Away Virtual Exhibition

The Embassy of Japan in Ottawa has posted our 2020 Exhibition, most of it from a drive-by event of large arrangements that was held in Ottawa and Gananoque on September 26. Please go to https://www.ca.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/Virtual_Ohara_Ikebana_2020_main.html

Also, on Facebook, go to Embassy of Japan and see daily entries of arrangements at their website.

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NAOTA held a Virtual Ikebana Exhibition for Spring 2020

Two Ottawa members exhibited (see below) in this wonderful collection that you can find by clicking or inserting this site: https://youtu.be/xRTkjI2SWmk

The following is a Radial Form by Nancy MacLeod with: Magnolia, Curly Willow, Daffodils, Muscari “Blue Grape” Hyacinth, and Lady’s Mantle Foliage.

The following is a Realistic Landscape Moribana by Helen Westington with: Japanese Quince, Pasque Flower, and Cotoneaster

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30th Anniversary Workshops with Grand Master Marcel Vrignaud

Four creative, instructive, and stimulating workshops were held at St. Columba Anglican Church Hall in Ottawa on Friday and Saturday, September 27 and 28, 2019. Fully booked, they provided an excellent opportunity for beginning as well as advanced students. Many members were involved in the extensive preparation, including the planning and preparation of materials, assisting with the workshops under the direction of Cliff Shinju Byrnes, and translating instructions. It was a most pleasant and productive two days.













One Row






One of the Shohinkas




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30th Anniversary Demonstration By Grand Master Marcel Vrignaud

Grand Master Marcel Vrignaud performed a lavish demonstration of Ohara School Ikebana on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe in honour of the 30th Anniversary of the Ohara School of Ikebana, Ottawa Chapter. A gala reception followed. You can see a gallery of photos from the demonstration here.

Mr. Vrignaud studied with Third Headmaster Houn Ohara in the mid-60s, and founded the France Chapter. He has been a Grand Master for over twenty years and received the Award of Honor from Ohara School. He also holds: the Kôrô Shô, a Japanese diploma of merit, the National Order of Merit for his promotion of ikebana in France and the Meiyo Ichijikin award of honour for his services in teaching and promoting ikebana in Europe.

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Successful Gananoque Exhibition Sunday, August 18

Cliff Shinju Byrnes, his students, and Ohara School guests from Ottawa had a wonderful exhibition in Gananoque on Sunday, August 18, 2019. It was held at the Carveth Care Center and attended by appreciative visitors from Ottawa, Kingston and Gananoque as well as residents of Gananoque.