Ohara School of Ikebana Ottawa Chapter

A membership organization offering classes, demonstrations, workshops and information resources

Ikebana Workshops

Workshops provide exceptional opportunities for learning and are announced periodically through an announcement or newsletter to members. Registration is required.

Procedure and Etiquette of a Workshop: Typically the teacher or professor is assisted in preparations by a number of members who order and collect materials and containers and set up and assist at the workshop. Each student is given a workspace and they are expected to be in their assigned seat about 15 minutes before the workshop begins. Containers are filled with water and working tools prepared. At all times during the workshop a quiet and respectful manner is maintained and no excessive talking should take place.

The teacher demonstrates the arrangement and students complete their arrangements individually. When completed, the student clears away all tools and materials leaving clippers and towel near the arrangement. A correction number is obtained, and corrections are completed in order by the teacher. After correction, the student can learn a great deal by unobtrusively observing other corrections. When the workshop is over the workspaces are cleared and assistance offered where possible to workshop organizers.