Ohara School of Ikebana Ottawa Chapter

A membership organization offering classes, demonstrations, workshops and information resources

Ikebana Demonstrations

From time to time visiting professors or advanced teachers of ikebana are invited to give a demonstration of their art. Depending upon the objectives of the Chapter, they may be offered to members or to the public at large.

A person or committee takes responsibility for the planning, management and post-event feedback on all activities related to the demonstration. The project plan is proposed to the Board including key dates, tasks, and requirements for resources and team members.  Procedures involve registration and collection of fees; selection, gathering and preparation of materials; selection, gathering and provision of containers; and planning, implementation and management of activities at the demonstration venue.

Activities include respecting communication protocols and provision of accurate information; keeping of accurate financial records; making sure all areas of responsibility are properly completed, and reporting to the board and making recommendations for future improvements.