Ohara School of Ikebana Ottawa Chapter

A membership organization offering classes, demonstrations, workshops and information resources

Board & Officers

The Board conducts all business on behalf of the membership.

The Board consists of the Executive and the committee chairpersons and positions as requested by the President. The Executive consists of the Honorary Advisor, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President is recommended by the Chapter (for the Ottawa Chapter this is the recommendation of the Nominating Committee) and appointed by the Headmaster. The Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are identified by the Nominating Committee, recommended to Headquarters by the President and approved by the Headmaster. In the Ottawa Chapter, the Nominating committee is chaired by the Past President, one member from the Board and one member from the general membership, appointed by the Nominating Committee chair. The following standing committees or positions may be appointed by the President: Membership/Telephone, Demonstrations, Historian, Workshops, Publicity, Hospitality, Newsletter, Librarian, Photographer, Field Trip, Ad Hoc, e.g., Program/Fundraising. All committee positions are concurrent with those of the Executive.

Board of Directors for 2021- 2023

  • Honorary Advisor Emeritus: Mitsugi Shinran Kikuchi
  • Past President: Marie-Eve Fuki Coupal
  • President: Wendy Juka Batson
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Juri Armstrong
  • Secretary: Laraine Paradis
  • Treasurer: Helen Jukai Westington
  • Demonstrations: Wendy Juka Batson
  • Exhibition: Elizabeth Juri Armstrong
  • Hospitality: Samantha Hogg
  • Librarian: Lindsay McKercher
  • Membership: Michelle Barron
  • Newsletter and Internal Communications: Derek Jusen Kitchen, Elizabeth Juri Armstrong
  • Website and External Communications: Sandra Shinsui Olney, Elizabeth Juri Armstrong
  • Workshops and Ikebana Supplies: Marie-Eve Fuki Coupal
  • Research: Thomas Shuju Nicholls