Ohara School of Ikebana Ottawa Chapter

A membership organization offering classes, demonstrations, workshops and information resources


Membership is open to all Ohara teachers, students and former students of the Ohara School.

Members are entitled to 1) vote in the election of the elected officers (secretary and treasurer), 2) participate in the general activities of the chapter, 3) if an active student, enter the Annual Exhibition sponsored by the Chapter, 4) receive newsletters and other communications issued by the Chapter, and 5) attend workshops and study sessions sponsored by the Chapter.

Membership dues for the fiscal year are payable in January of each year. Any new member who joins from September to December of any year is a member for the following fiscal year. Members who have not renewed by March 31st of the current year will no longer be members. Dues are not refundable. The annual membership dues are to be approved by a vote of the members of the Executive Board.