Ohara School of Ikebana Ottawa Chapter

A membership organization offering classes, demonstrations, workshops and information resources

Ikebana Teachers

Ohara classes in Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais are given by the follow instructors:

Ottawa Teachers

Grace Furuya 613 828 5573 or higra@aol.com
Private lessons by appointment

Marie-Eve Coupal 819 568 6174 or laurence_place@hotmail.com
McNabb Community Centre, first and third Tuesday mornings or Wednesday evenings, October to December and February to May; private lessons

Wendy Batson 613 866-5972 or wenbatson@rogers.com
McNabb Community Center, first and third Wednesday mornings, October to December and February to May; private lessons

Keiko Nagasawa 613 728 0956 or salonkottawa@gmail.com
Private lessons

Nancy MacLeod 613 820 0768 or nlm27@rogers.com
Classes in Bells Corners Home Studio: Landscape workshops are offered in July and August, 2017, with dates to be determined. Regular classes will resume in September. Private lessons, special group lessons and children’s lessons are available as series or single lessons. Contact for further information.

Derek Kitchen 613 274 0809 or bvrridge@sympatico.ca
Private lessons, children’s lessons and group workshops by appointment

Elizabeth Armstrong 613 741 3094 or elizabeth.armstrong@sympatico.ca
Private lessons in Ottawa, children and adults, in French and English

Terry Hodgins 613 623 6422 or t.hodgins@live.ca
Private lessons

Iris Waung 613 425 4205 or irisw@rogers.com
Ottawa Catholic School Board Adult Education Programme

Gananoque Teacher

Cliff Byrnes Home: 613 382-8880 or cliffsgarden@gmail.com
Classes most second and fourth Mondays, 1:00 to 3:00. Private lessons by arrangement, Gananoque

Other Qualified Instructors

There are many other qualified Ohara instructors in the Ottawa area. For information on other teachers and for general inquiries please contact us.